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Fee Attorney for American Title Company of Houston

Real Estate


Pam Keever & Kathleen Wiesenthal have a combined 40+ years' experience in Texas real estate. We have successfully represented clients for the following services:

Lease review
· Are you a Landlord?
· Are you a potential Tenant?
· Are you doing a build-out?
· Do you have insurance issues with your current lease?
· Do you need to have your lease reviewed?
· What does your indemnity paragraph say?
· What insurance is required?

Contract preparation
· Selling or buying property
· Residential or commercial

Title Insurance Closing Services
regulated by Texas Department of Insurance. Keever & Wiesenthal is a dba of Keever Law PLLC, which acts as a fee attorney for American Title Company of Houston. As a fee attorney office, Keever Law can act as escrow agent between the buyer/borrower and seller/refinancer of real property. When a transaction requires preparation of legal documents, you have the advantage of having your documents expertly drafted, if you wish, by our in-house attorneys without losing momentum on your closing process.

When circumstances call for putting a property into the foreclosure process, you want to turn it over to a law firm who will ensure the integrity of the process by conducting it in strict accordance with the Texas statutes, and in a timely manner. Keever & Wiesenthal will give attention to the time-sensitive nature of a foreclosure procedure and counsel you on the circumstances of your particular property.

Also called Forcible Detainer; the landlord needs to have tenant removed from the property for legal reasons. We will assess the legal reasons for eviction and pursue the matter as the law dictates.

Seller Financing Documents (Notes, Deed of Trust, Deeds)
If you are willing to finance a property you are selling, you need to prepare the correct documents which contain the language that will protect you and your collateral. A Note is the document that will lay out the terms of the loan. The Deed of Trust is the document which the Buyer signs that gives the Seller/Lender the legal right to use or repossess the collateral in the event of a default on the Note. Your collateral for the Note is the property you are selling. The Deeds, sometimes referred to as Warranty Deeds or Special Warranty Deeds, are the documents which convey title in the property from the Seller to the Buyer. Each of these documents must be carefully prepared to ensure that you maintain all of your legal rights as a Lender should there be a default in the payment of the Note.

Quitclaim Deeds
DO NOT USE IN TEXAS. We cannot stress this enough.

713-995-8200 6300 W Loop S, Ste 405
Bellaire, TX 77401