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Keever & Wiesenthal Law Firm

Practicing in Real Estate, Probate, Estate Planning, Guardianship

Keever & Wiesenthal lives by a simple philosophy…if we treat clients well and represent our clients to the best of our ability, success will follow. We, Pam Keever and Kathleen Wiesenthal, put that philosophy into practice every day. And the success that we aspire to is for our clients as well as ourselves. Our approach to our clients’ issues are as unique as our clients. We give each matter the consideration it deserves, with careful attention to the specific circumstances which make your situation one of a kind.

Real Estate, Probate, Will and Estate Planning and Guardianship

With a focus on real estate, will and estate planning preparation, and probate we are unique in our ability to reconcile real estate issues within the context of a probate hearing or in the course of will and estate planning preparation.

You live in a very unique state from the rest of the nation in terms of real estate law. When you need to purchase, sell or refinance your real property, one-size-fits-all legal forms may not be adequate to achieve the results you need. You need to consult with a Texas real estate attorney who has experience and knows how to reach the result you need.

Similarly, it is wise to be mindful during the process of planning for your family that you do not unnecessarily tie up your property. Attorneys with probate and real estate knowledge can help you address issues which might cause a legal delay in putting that property into the hands of your loved ones. But whether or not you have real estate as a part of your potential estate, we can help you protect your assets for your loved ones and ensure that your family will not have to spend needless time and money to untangle your assets.

When you have taken the time to find a law firm to help you plan your end of life decisions or to guide you through Texas real estate transactions, make sure it’s a firm who can handle your case with the utmost care and professionalism. Make sure it’s Keever & Wiesenthal.

Keever & Wiesenthal is an assumed name of Keever Law PLLC


What is Community Property?

The best way to answer that question is to tell you what “separate property” is.

The Texas constitution sets forth what is separate property. Separate property is any property owned prior to marriage, or that is acquired during marriage by gift, devise or descent (inheritance).

All property is presumed community property (jointly owned) unless you can prove that it qualifies as separate property.Community Property is property you acquired during the marriage, unless that property is acquired by gift or inheritance.

To find out more, call Pam Keever or Kathleen Wiesenthal at (713) 995-8200.

713-995-8200 6300 W Loop S, Ste 405
Bellaire, TX 77401